Cilgia Rageth - pictures and works in glass

Welcome to the world of my pictures!
This website presents you a selection of my pictures and artwork in glass.

  If you like one of my works, you can buy it, or lease it for a uniform fee of CHF 300 per year per picture. If you lease a picture, you bring it back after one year, or you can lease it for another year, or you can buy it. In the latter case, all leasing fees already paid will be deducted.  
  Enjoy looking at my pictures (1st part), pictures (2nd part), pictures (3rd part), pictures (4th part), glass-pictures and glass-works!  

Bern, March 2013, Cilgia Rageth

Contact: Cilgia Rageth, Luisenstrasse 20, CH-3005 Bern, Phone: +41 31 352 40 86, Email:, Internet:
Language: German / English